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    In Spiral, we know that for you and your loved ones, health comes first

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    Provides the necessary information to help you reach your goal. For all levels, from begin...

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    Personalised advicee and diets based on your genetic information

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How does your DNA help you?

By identifying the genetic traits that characterized yourself, we can provide you with the necessary information that will help you take the best decision for your LifeStyle

Once we have your genetic information,Spiral DNA Coach, offers the expert you need.

Spiral’s technology is part of the new medicine’s  ¨4P ¨ which entail the following:


Located in the Fundación Parque Científico de Madrid, (FPCM), Spain.

Currently, Spiral can send your DNA test to almost everywhere in the world in 48-72 hours thanks to its alliance with a world-class courier.

Only with your saliva

Use the kit we will send you to provide your saliva sample in your home, once ready, we will go to take it back to the laboratory.
We bring the laboratory to your home 

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We’re proud of you!

We have adopted a comprime with society with the objective to make DNA analysis accesible to everyone so you can take the best decisions for your present and future.

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