Currently, thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can answer this question in a scientific, elaborated and personalized way for each person.

You will receive the most complete genetic advice on the market for the different areas of nutrition, sports, health and skin care.

Spiral DNA tests provide people with knowledge of their genetic composition. Supported at all times by our professionals who will advise you from the very beginning and help you make the best decisions regarding your current health. As the key is prevention, Spiral DNA tests are designed for early awareness and early intervention. If a client has a genetic variation that makes them more prone to something, then one should focus more on products and lifestyle changes that focus on that particular issue before potential problems begin to appear. The best thing about a genetic profile is that it will never change; the results will be applicable for the rest of your life.

The test is to be done once in a lifetime since your genetic profile will never change, the results reflected in the report will be applied for the rest of your life. In terms of DNA testing, your DNA is the same throughout your life. This is a unique investment in your life that will ensure that you never again need to spend your money on products and treatments that are probably totally unsuitable for you.

The scientific precision of the process is currently up to 99.96%. There is that small margin of error, however, we have technical measures to ensure very high accuracy. Your genes play an important role in the results, but it is also important to realize that genes are not the only elements to consider, for example, lifestyle and diet can also play a very important role.

Privacy and security of your information is of highest priority to Spiral. Our goal is to be transparent with our policies and practices related to the use of data, committing ourselves not to give use or allow access to them by third parties. We use the latest technology in computer encryption, as well as physical, technical and administrative measures to maximize security in accordance with current legislation.

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A gene is a segment of your DNA molecule (abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid) that contains instructions on how, when and where your body produces each of the thousands of proteins necessary for life. Your genes can also tell you if you are more predisposed or not to certain pathologies, nutritional responses or skin behavior.

When a variation affects only one genetic letter, it is called a “single nucleotide polymorphism” (or SNP). Due to these variations (SNP):

Your predisposition to suffer from certain pathologies is different compared to another person.

Your skin ages differently.

Your body absorbs and uses nutrients differently.

Your body responds to exercise and faces stress differently.


Once we have your genetic results Spiral DNA Coach brings you the nutrition expert Verona Somarriba, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator – Division of General Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York) to help you achieve your goals through a nutritional plan and fully personalised workout.

We are builders (we make things happen), we know that many times due to circumstances and pace of life, achieving the desired goals can become an impossible mission, but thanks to your genetic information and our personalized plan, forget about giving up diets, forget about impossible dietary plans and forbidding most foods.

You will adopt a good attitude, you will stay focused on achieving your objective and you will be advised at all times ¨end to end¨ (from the analysis to the achievement of objectives) we want you to obtain your result in a safe and healthy way, in order to improve others aspects of your lifestyle

With this intelligent nutrition plan, we want to make things easier for you, to focus in what is important for us, which is to go directly to the fundamentals and also to achieve your goals, that’s why we propose our control system month-to-month: our experts will review with you the results of your personalized plan.

Without your express consent, the answer is no. If at any time, we decide to participate in any genetic research we will ask you beforehand if you want to help us or not and we will only use your genetic data in the case that you answer is affirmative.

No, any change you want to make in your health should be analyzed by an expert geneticist and specialized doctors. Any questions you have about any genetic test should be contrasted with health professionals skilled in Genetic Diagnosis. On our website we offer the services of this type of professionals, Spiral DNA Coach.