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We analyze the genetic variants called “single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)” which offer us information about certain health parameters (how to assimilate nutrients, eating behavior, response to exercise, tendency to obesity, cardiovascular risk or diabetes, skin problems). 

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Our objetive

The objective of our once-in-a-lifetime tests is that after receiving the results, you can, together with our medical professionals, nutritionists or fitness experts, adjust your life habits and / or training workouts, according to the genetic results you obtain, in such a way that you can better reach your goals.

Spiral’s team, together with nutritionist Verona Somarriba, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator – Division of General Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York), will advise you “End to End” (from the analysis to reaching your objectives). We recommend to to subscribe to our program Spiral DNA Coach in such a way that you will receive a completely personalized advice by our team of experts after the genetic analysis.

Our team of scientists

We select the most relevant genetic variants for each study area. The analysis is carried out using the latest qPCR Arrays technology, the real-time study of specific DNA fragments, which allows us to identify the genetic variants that we want to study.

By using this highly specialized technology, we can determine the genetic variants relevant for each individual.

The patient receives a report with their genetic results and recommendations.

Our DNA tests results

Most complete tests in the market, at a very competitive price thanks to our know-how, cutting-edge technology and extensive experience.

Important aspects of Spiral:

  • DNA tests safer and more accurate.

  • Spiral is able to deliver the final result in only 15 working days from the reception of the kit with your DNA sample.

  • Complete report about the client’s genetic profile, advantages and disadvantages and our recommendations based on the results of the report.

  • Spiral also offers personalized diets and plans based on your genetic information, thanks to our nutrition expert Verona Somarriba, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator – Division of General Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York).

Our genetic tests

Our genetic tests have been developed with people who want to understand their genetic information and have a healthier life in mind.

DNA tests safer and more accurate.

Once you have received your report, you will have the option to analyze the results with a professional that we can assign to you.  This will help with the analysis and making the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

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