This test will inform of several factors which include:

  • Our ability to perform endurance exercises.

  • Our ability to perform strength exercises.

  • Our muscular strength

  • Our muscular explosivity.

  • Our response to intense exercising.

  • Our own muscular energy.

  • Specific formula of minerals and vitamins ideal for a quick recovery.

  • Our specific ability to recover after performing an exercise.

  • Our predisposition to suffer sports injuries.

  • Our cardiovascular health

  • Our psychological motivations.

  • Our pain threshold.

  • Our ideal sport according to genetic markers.

Indicated for:

• Amateur sportsmen or sportswomen

• Professional sportswomen or sportsmen.

• Sportsmen or Sportswomen who want to maximize their performance.

• Sportswomen or sportsmen who want to introduce themselves to an elite sport.


• This study analyzes the genetic variations to optimize the practice of sports, the time of recovery and produce a unique and ideal supplementation plan for each person.

• Understand our sports psychology, not possible until now through genetic tests.

• Avoid sports-related injuries.

• Find the best position within a team in a given sport.

• Get the maximum performance from our genetics to get to the next level.

Once we have your genetic results Spiral DNA Coach brings you the nutrition expert Verona Somarriba, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator – Division of General Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York) to help you achieve your goals through a nutritional plan and fully personalised workout.

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