• Great challenges are for people and companies that are committed to #innovation. For this reason and many more, we are very proud and happy to be able to collaborate actively in the development of the largest analysis of oral dysbiosis that has been done to date.

• This novel large-scale scientific study will involve more than 2,200 volunteers and will be conducted in #Spain through #Vitaldent dental clinics.

• The procedure will consist of anonymously and voluntarily collecting the necessary information from patients using #Spiral bacteriological genetic testing. Through this protocol, and with the help of new #technologies from #Telefónica and #Google, it will be possible to link all clinical information, identifying the relationship between bacterial species of the oral microbiota and other parameters.

DONTE GROUP Telefónica Google Cloud Universidad CEU San Pablo

Transformative Study: Unraveling Oral Dysbiosis and Systemic Diseases through Biomedical Collaboration – AGN Lifestyle Website (arabgulfnews.net)

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